Long Distance Driving Causes Insomnia: My Scariest Time on the Road

Have you ever swallowed a bag of rocks?

That is how I felt driving alone on the highway.

My memories were replaced with sweaty and irrational thoughts.

My brain began to fill with self-doubting questions such as; Would I fall asleep and wake up in a pool of blood? Did I have the ability to drive my first car off the lot without causing chaos?

Hour one: Pending Persistent Panic

My first journey to Farrell, Pennsylvania was originally an hour and forty minutes however, I turned this trip into a three-hour, rain-filled panic attack.

Twenty minutes into the drive, I pulled to the side of the road to call family members and notify them of my travels. After the safety call, I merged onto road as the clouds continued to gather and darken in the sky.


At the pinnacle of my panic,

I found myself driving between two sixteen wheeler trucks in the fast lane.In this hour didn’t remember if other cars were the on the road. The humongous trucks were blocking my view.

My nervousness grew thicker every time the rain drops heavily splattered against my windows.

Suddenly, my phone alarm began to ring. It startled me.

I attempted to reach out and turn it off but, accidentally bumped the windshield wiper handle.

I couldn’t grasp control of the windshield wipers. Eventually I gave up and manually pulled the handle. I wiped each flooding moment of fear away.

Which malfunction should I fix in the pouring Pennsylvania rain?

Hour Three: Panic Reaches Its Destination

After the rain slowed down and I stopped manhandling the windshield wipers. I finally saw the road more clearly and felt motivated to move into the other lane.

I pulled to the side to turn off the timer and breathe. I relaxed my heavy arms and merged myself onto road.

After reaching my destination, I couldn’t sleep for two days.

The lesson I learned through after driving alone on the highway: I can do anything I put my mind to.

Thank you to everyone that helped me put anxiety aside and get home safely.

GIFS are from Tenor.


How to Make Your Monday Better

Let’s stop attacking Monday mornings and strike back with positivity. Here are ten ways to help make your Monday better!

  • Use Sunday to plan your weekly agenda.
  • Read a positive quote to start your day.
  • Set your alarm to your favorite motivational song.
  • Remind yourself to have a Happy Monday.
  • Ask yourself “How can I help someone have a better Monday?
  • Chant You/We/I can do it! Positive self talk will help shift your mindset.
  • Start a gratitude list. What are you thankful for?
  • Reward yourself with your favorite treat after a successful day. #treatyoself
  • Take two minutes to reflect on your Monday. Write down one way to improve next Monday.
  • Remember, you are one step closer to fulfilling your goals!

Happy Monday to all. 😁


2018: My Year in a Review

Thank you to everyone that supports A Growing Document Blog.

I learned

-To set higher goals.

-Rejection is temporary.

-To accept new challenges.

I experienced

-Traveling to Philadelphia, New Jersey & Pittsburgh

-New music- Erykah Badu & 6LACK,

-New food-Snails & Vegan Cheesesteak

Goals for 2019

Improve time management

-Set deadlines

-Remove clutter

-Be consistent with weekly agendas

A Poem About Self Circumference

The circumference of a selfie requires perfect light.

The circumference of a selfie may be taken out of spite.

The circumference of a selfie feed hungry egos every day.

The circumference of a selfie will lie in every way.

The circumference of a selfie may be left inside their bed.

The circumference of a selfie barely fits inside my head.

The circumference of a selfie could be moment I feel unrepressed.

The circumference of a selfie will bring freedom to people who are suppressed.

The circumference of a selfie is found in the lens of the beholder.

Things to Think About

Here is a short list of 10 motivational ideas for 2019

  • Joy is unsubscribing to people’s bullshit.

  • Love is nutritious.

  • Love is love. It doesn’t matter if it’s up close or distant.

  • You have to keep rolling and creating opportunities.

  • Organize your mind and you will physically follow.

  • You have one life to live.

  • Let the past go.

  • Go after what matters to you the most.

  • Don’t rush your growth.

  • Simplicity is best.

I Slept with a Bat in My Closet

After waking up at 4am to fluttering noises, I spied a blurry bat flying around my bed. I dipped and ducked my way into the living room to knock on my new roommates’ door. J sluggishly responds and rescues my glasses, keys & shoes. Minutes later ‘Bobby the Bat’ was quietly tucked inside my closet.

One year later I decided to revisit this experience and put myself in his claws. Here are four ideas about dealing with the battiness of life.

  1. Don’t stress yourself out. Flying around in unfamiliar places can feel frustrating. It’s perfectly fine to take a moment to hide behind a curtain and breathe.
  2. Bobby was unable to ask Siri for directions to his bat cave. Luckily humans can call or text their closest friends and family and seek guidance .
  3. Reference your instincts. I’m pretty sure Bobby, the night adweller had his heart set on going home. In a room full of light he remembered his instincts and flew in my closet.
  4. Remember, when you feel bat shit crazy take a moment to back it up, assess the situation and make time to move on.

FYI: No bats were hurt in this situation. My roommate strongly advised against pepper spraying Bobby the Bat.