Top Ten Gender Neutral Graduation Gifts

First Aid / Emergency Car Kit

Safety should be your number one priority! First aid & emergency car kits will always come in handy. Remember in the “real life” we have to bandage our own boo-boos.

Writing Utensils

Technology is booming. We live in a world where ink pens, gel pens & Apple pencils exist. It’s amazing!


Everyone deserves to eat. Going into the real world with a full belly & refrigerator is important. Hangry recent college graduates will ruin the economy.

Cash/Gift Card= Bill $

Money obviously makes the world go around. It’s the quickest gift to anyone’s heart. Also, we need to pay our debt because Sallie Mae & Nelnet don’t take no for an answer.


Bottles of any kind will do! Clean water or a bottle wine are

thoughtful gifts. When I’m looking for a great time, I know Tequila comes in a bottle. Maybe purchase some Pedialyte to ease the hangover the next day.


Some people don’t have a pillow to lay their head on. What if their head is cold? Go a step farther and purchase blankets or a mattress to sleep on. The gift of warmth and comfort will be appreciated forever.


Phones don’t don’t last forever. We value gifts involving the latest technology.


Planners are a practical gift any graduate. Instead of asking students what their plans are after graduation give them the tools to figure it out. Giving them a planner encourages them to set daily agendas to reach their own goals in peace.


Find out your graduates’ favorite music or movie. Go a step further and pay for their Apple Music or Netflix bill. I’m sure they’ll love this.


People are overwhelmed & overwhelming. Take time to allow your graduate to freely make decisions for themselves. Gifting someone with this opportunity can bring peace and happiness to everyone’s lives.

How car horns changed my life

There was a mind numbing, uncontrollable car horn beeping across the steet today. I watched people drive through the noise. Walk near the noise. Beep at the cars. Walk past the cars. As I screamed at the cars. Yelled and swung at the cars from my room.

No one could hear me.

While people were sleeping, I opened the window and investigated. I decided to go outside and figure out the owner of the car. Which one of you mind piercing, uncontrollable, headache bearing, four wheeled boxes could make such a noise? There were three cars. It was the middle one! It was was locked with no one inside.

What has this taught me?

How can I possibly grow from this?

  1. Noises in life that are meant to distract you.
  2. Everything and one reacts differently to the same situation.
  3. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch a situation, something can be done about it and eventually it will stop.

In conclusion my eye twitches everytime I hear car horns outside.


I went skating. I am learning to walk or roll away with a lesson in my pocket.  This lesson was to keep rocking and #rolling inspite of others.

I struggle with hand-eye and body coordination on a daily basis. So I kicked and pushed around that rink the best way I remember how and three people helped me along the way.  My loved on and two strangers gave me the best advice about skating and I’m going to apply it to my life. 

Advice one: Don’t worry about others. We all have different skill levels.

While using my right leg to roll around the rink thoughts of envy crossed my mind. In my opinion everyone was able to skate using the proper technique and even skate backwards or one legged. I desperately wanted to try a new trick however,  my skill level was no where close to theirs. Each time my butt hit the floor the fun of pushing along began to fade. I lost focus of having fun and began to concentrate on the lack of skill. 

As she skated to my left and reminded me that no one has the same technique or skill. Everyone has to start somewhere and to continue to skate on.
Advice two: Bend your legs and move. 

After the second time I fell on the floor chosing not to bend my knees seemed to be the best option. I was determined to remain upright like others. 

I slid past a friendly skater who reminded me that bending my knees would help with my balance and keep me steady. 

I added a slightly bended knee to my kick push routine and successful rolled along the wall. 
Advice three: Concentrate!  

My ability to stand still while wearing skates was at a solid zero. I felt like an octopus out of water and flailing around while listening to a seasoned skater’s advice. He commended my ability to remain upright inspite of my lack of official training and guidance however my lack of concentration was visible. I just wanted to get around the rink by any means necessary which resulted in losing my focus on skating safely and having fun.

After the trials, errors, and conversations I rolled out a better person than I walked in. I learned to keep rolling, concentrate and not to worry about others skill set in comparison to mine. I am going to apply the lessons from skating to life’s challenges and grow all situation.


Hi World,

My name is Daphne, (two syllables of course) and this is my journey of maintaining the momentum to grow in all aspects of life. This blog is a small step towards a vast plan of gaining responsibility and overcoming weakness.

I have spent my high school & college years believing the finished product was the most important aspect of writing & photography. As a result my appreciation for the editing & revision process began to fade. Join me in the journey of searching for inspiration  redesign and develop ourselves.

Feedback is welcome and constructive criticism is accepted. Let’s learn and grow to gather as we all gain responsibilities and overcome weaknesses together.

Have a great day!





A Growing Document Blog  will remain a working and growing document and adjustments to posts will be made accordingly.