How car horns changed my life


There was a mind numbing, uncontrollable car horn beeping across the street today.

I watched people drive through the noise.

Walk near the noise.

Beep at the cars.

Walk past the cars as I screamed at the cars from my room.

No one could hear me.

While people were sleeping, I opened the window and investigated. I decided to go outside and figure out the owner of the culprit car.

Which one of you mind piercing, uncontrollable, headache bearing, four-wheeled boxes could make such a noise?

I approached the three cars and discovered it was the middle one!

What has this taught me and how can I possibly grow from this?

  1. Noises in life that are meant to distract you.
  2. Everything and one reacts differently to the same situation.
  3. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch a situation, something can be done about it and eventually it will stop.

In conclusion, my eye twitches anytime I hear car horns outside.