Things to Think About

Here is a short list of 10 motivational ideas for 2019

  • Joy is unsubscribing to people’s bullshit.

  • Love is nutritious.

  • Love is love. It doesn’t matter if it’s up close or distant.

  • You have to keep rolling and creating opportunities.

  • Organize your mind and you will physically follow.

  • You have one life to live.

  • Let the past go.

  • Go after what matters to you the most.

  • Don’t rush your growth.

  • Simplicity is best.

I Slept with a Bat in My Closet

After waking up at 4am to fluttering noises, I spied a blurry bat flying around my bed. I dipped and ducked my way into the living room to knock on my new roommates’ door. J sluggishly responds and rescues my glasses, keys & shoes. Minutes later ‘Bobby the Bat’ was quietly tucked inside my closet.

One year later I decided to revisit this experience and put myself in his claws. Here are four ideas about dealing with the battiness of life.

  1. Don’t stress yourself out. Flying around in unfamiliar places can feel frustrating. It’s perfectly fine to take a moment to hide behind a curtain and breathe.
  2. Bobby was unable to ask Siri for directions to his bat cave. Luckily humans can call or text their closest friends and family and seek guidance .
  3. Reference your instincts. I’m pretty sure Bobby, the night adweller had his heart set on going home. In a room full of light he remembered his instincts and flew in my closet.
  4. Remember, when you feel bat shit crazy take a moment to back it up, assess the situation and make time to move on.

FYI: No bats were hurt in this situation. My roommate strongly advised against pepper spraying Bobby the Bat.

10 Thoughts on Traveling Abroad

May 2017, my aunt & I traveled to the Bahamas for her birthday.  It was filled with fun-filled & family oriented experience. Here are some thoughts about my first out of the country traveling experience.


  1. Pack and comfortably.
  2. Always be prepared for obstacles.
  3. Be organized.
  4. Read the fine print.
  5. Be early! Time is rarely on your side.


  1. Safety first. Always.
  2. Negative forces will prevent you from having a good time. Ignore them
  3. Try something different everyday.
  4. Enjoy your experience & live in the moment.
  5. If you spend more than 10-15 minutes talking to a person you are no longer strangers.
  6. Take notes & write things down.
  7. Ask questions to help you navigate your way.  
  8. Always be prepared. 
  9. Make wise and smart decisions.
  10. Distance yourself from drama. 


  1. Feel liberated.
  2. Reflect.
  3. Plan in advance for your next trip.
  4. Share your experience with others.


How car horns changed my life

There was a mind numbing, uncontrollable car horn beeping across the street today.

I watched people drive through the noise.

Beep at the noise.

People continued to walk past the cars while I screamed from my room.

No one could hear me. I decided to go outside and figure out the owner of the culprit car.

Which one of you mind piercing, headache bearing, four-wheeled boxes could make such a noise?

I approached the three vehicles and discovered it was the middle car!

What has this taught me and how can I possibly grow from this?

  1. Noises in life are meant to distract you.
  2. Everyone reacts to the same situation in a different way.
  3. It doesn’t matter how many times you watch a situation, something can be done about it and eventually it will stop.

In conclusion, my eye twitches anytime I hear car horns outside.


Hi World,

  1. My name is Daphne with two syllables.
  2. This blog is a small step toward gaining responsibility and overcoming weakness in my adult life.
  3. I am dedicated to evolving myself through writing and photography.
  4. Feedback is welcome and constructive criticism is accepted.
  5. I own everything on this website.

Have a great day!