A poem for silence

There is something about the sweetness of silence ; It’s beautiful when it’s there.

The lack of sound speaks louder than lust when it lingers in the air.

Tis the Season

Fall is for friends,

And Music is in motion.

Leaves wither in the wind.

Wisdom I shall not deny.

Winter is for wonder.

All shade is frozen.

Our kisses are pleasant.

Love I shall not deny.

Spring is for solitude

‘‘Tis the season for the rain

As flowers begin to bloom.

Peace I shall not deny.

Summer is for singing

As the fishes swim upstream.

The desire is present.

Passion I shall not deny.

Mirror Down

Have you walked past a person without cracking a smile?

When is the last time you smelled the roses and stayed for a while?

I know you haven’t seen her more that a passing though,

(Did you) Over look, those who have not!

We stand before each other naked and clothed.

It was family that taught myself how to be loathed.

We taught ourselves, in the mirror;

How to love ourselves by taking it down.


She wears a blue jacket that reeks of cologne.

She thinks of past days while she waits by the phone.

She feels as if a failure or a family disgrace.

While tears fall from her eyes and pour down her face.

It’s a rainy day around her as she plays her trombone.

Each day people pass and ignore her backbone.

Once her tears subside and slow down their pace.

She wipes off her hands and lifts up her face.

Her heart now mended, corrected and sewn.

She begins to feel better now and continues her journey to home.

We Found Lies

Have you learned more from the classes you failed?

I’ve learned more from the people that bailed.

Not just me, but an entire generation.

For years we have been looking up to a fraud ass administration.

The sky’s the limit and good things come to those who wait,

But within these statements we found lies that I’m ready to debate.

Haven’t you seen better things come to those who are proactive?

I’ve found that revolutions are classified for the reactive.

Late AM thoughts after the midnight hour.

Let’s be woke. Ready I’m ready to devour .

Let’s fight the injustice!

Use all your power.