Top Ten Gender Neutral Graduation Gifts

First Aid / Emergency Car Kit

Safety should be your number one priority! First aid & emergency car kits will always come in handy. Remember in the “real life” we have to bandage our own boo-boos.

Writing Utensils

Technology is booming. We live in a world where ink pens, gel pens & Apple pencils exist. It’s amazing!


Everyone deserves to eat. Going into the real world with a full belly & refrigerator is important. Hangry recent college graduates will ruin the economy.

Cash/Gift Card= Bill $

Money obviously makes the world go around. It’s the quickest gift to anyone’s heart. Also, we need to pay our debt because Sallie Mae & Nelnet don’t take no for an answer.


Bottles of any kind will do! Clean water or a bottle wine are

thoughtful gifts. When I’m looking for a great time, I know Tequila comes in a bottle. Maybe purchase some Pedialyte to ease the hangover the next day.


Some people don’t have a pillow to lay their head on. What if their head is cold? Go a step farther and purchase blankets or a mattress to sleep on. The gift of warmth and comfort will be appreciated forever.


Phones don’t don’t last forever. We value gifts involving the latest technology.


Planners are a practical gift any graduate. Instead of asking students what their plans are after graduation give them the tools to figure it out. Giving them a planner encourages them to set daily agendas to reach their own goals in peace.


Find out your graduates’ favorite music or movie. Go a step further and pay for their Apple Music or Netflix bill. I’m sure they’ll love this.


People are overwhelmed & overwhelming. Take time to allow your graduate to freely make decisions for themselves. Gifting someone with this opportunity can bring peace and happiness to everyone’s lives.